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Why Poor People Remain Poor? | Reasons of poverty

Photo by Shail Sharma on Unsplash F or what reason do needy individuals remain poor? It's an inquiry that everybody as of now appears to have a response for The poor are lethargic The poor can't oversee cash The poor don't have the right outlook However, all things considered destitution is an exceptionally mind boggling issue There are numerous angles to it what's more, it has many causes The most generally utilized neediness definition centers around financial destitution This definition estimates neediness by how much cash an individual procures furthermore, lays out neediness rates for networks furthermore, nations in view of pay imbalance also, monetarily drawn destitution lines In this manner destitution becomes relative The neediness edge for a group of four in the United States is a pay simply more than $26,000 every year For a group of four living in outright neediness in a low-pay country that measure of cash is in excess of

How to become Rich | Money Management Tips

  Photo by Shane on Unsplash i read two books the psychology of money by morgan hausel and atomic habits by james clear the idea was that we all want to manage money in our lives and the only way to do that is to create the right set of habits early on in life so if you're a teenager you'll find this relevant as we explore money through the lengths of psychology and also how habits can play this major role in helping us manage our money as we grow older spoiler we are not going to talk about investment choices and techniques but let's get going we are trying to help you develop good habits towards money and investments handling money is a soft skill where how you behave is more important than what you know sounds strange but let's go through the rest of the argument it essentially means that if you know perhaps the exact trade price of a stock beforehand or you even know the winning lottery ticket while buying it and even if

Five LIFE CHANGING Investment Strategies

  Photo by Anne Nyg√•rd on Unsplash so you're thinking about investing your money lately but you're worried you might not do well or perhaps you've already started investing for a while but now you're scared that you're doing something wrong and as a result won't get your desired outcomes whatever your case is ultimately you need a sort of assurance that you'll not lose your money at the end of the day whether you're a beginner or a long-time investor you'll all need the same thing in order to secure your money and thrive in the stock market and that is having a few good strategies to rely on it doesn't matter what your financial status is whether you're rich or poor if you don't know a good strategy chances are you're not going to survive long in the stock market eventually you'll either lose a ton of your money or worst case scenario all of it if you're not careful investing can be your downf